Our bodies tolerate a lot of surprises and then turn around to surprise us. Ends up, bodies are not as reliable as we thought. This piece was up for about 2 weeks, and the water balloons did not break. The idea that they could give out at any moment added excitement to the piece. There was some discussion whether the forms relate to the male or female body and of course they do.

The installation of this piece could be placed in my “Performance Art Gallery” if I had one. Filling water balloons inside small bottles, tying and hanging them without breakage starts as a comedy but soon leads to tragedy with a touch of desperation. The final act may be long in coming but victory is realized! I love that the piece looks so calm and serene with no telltale sign of the drama.

Dimensions:40″ x 20″ x 4″ installed
Materials:Perrier bottles, water balloons
Last Shown1990 MFA show