There is something about wrapping an object to “make it feel better” that appeals to me. This brush has done all its work and is given an art life. The thing is, I just love objects. Walking along, I find some interesting thing on the ground. Sometimes I don’t even know what a piece of hardware or doodad is for, but it stays in my pocket. Most objects do not sing, but this brush I found just had meaning. If I were a writer, I would compose a poem to this brush. If I were a singer, a ballad would be required. But I am a sculptor; and this brush, like many objects, touches my heart in a wordless way.

Dimensions:8’x 3.5′ x 1′
Materials:sad old scrub brush, pretty pink ribbon
Last Shown1990 “MFA 90”, group MFA thesis show
Smart Museum at University of Chicago