mixed media art piece "for men"

A Piece for Men

I didn’t really create this as a piece for men, but it proved to be such so I named it thus.

A heavy spring hangs above an open hook imbedded in the bottom base. A simple idea creates an incredible desire. Although women seemed more content to nod in recognition, men were especially attracted to trying to catch the hook – it was like an itch they couldn’t scratch. When this piece was in a show, a man dislocated his shoulder trying to stretch the spring!

Dimensions:18″ x 4″ x 1″
Materials:wood, screws, spring
Last Shown:Member’s Show, group show
Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago
Collection:Scott Rankin

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Deb Vandenbroucke

Deb Vandenbroucke

I am a sculptor who lives in Madison, Wisconsin. I carve stone primarily. Most of my work is created on a commissioned basis. Thank you for visiting.