This Flower sculpture was made in tribute to Georgia O’Keeffe. It is made out of a wonderful soft sedimentary rock from South Africa.

I studied stone carving with Nita Sunderland at Bradley University, Peoria, IL. She was a gruff teacher and is an excellent sculptor. I carved this over the summer when school was out of session. When Nita came back and learned I had finished the piece, she told me she hoped I wasn’t too in love with it because she hadn’t seen it. My stomach lurched at the idea of having to change the form that I truly loved. (This is the one sculpture I will always keep.) I then showed it to her and she had nothing to say. She thought it was great too.

Dimensions:8″ x 18″ x 12″
Materials:Black African Wonderstone
Collection:Deb Vandenbroucke (the artist)
Madison, WI

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Deb Vandenbroucke

Deb Vandenbroucke

I am a sculptor who lives in Madison, Wisconsin. I carve stone primarily. Most of my work is created on a commissioned basis. Thank you for visiting.