A Definite Presence

Newly exhibiting at Josephine Sculpture Park!

I am so happy that A Definite Presence can be seen in a wooded setting at last. [2021]

New photos and information coming soon.

I created this sculpture with the idea that it would be an entity that you could come upon outdoors unexpectedly on a walk – some kind of unfamiliar plant or other living object. Because it is large and has an organic form, it relates to you standing there. Your height, your weight, your being alongside it being there. It is a bit mysterious but not nefarious. If you do return, it is like visiting an old friend.

A Definite Presence was designed for a specific location outdoors in a wooded setting. It never got placed there, but instead it was installed at my father’s accounting office where it served as a landmark for 20 years. The urban setting had great visibility by the community, but two sides were hidden from view. It also suffered from vandalism several times.

This sculpture was carved at Bradley University (Peoria, IL) where I was studying with Nita Sunderland. I was very interested in Georgia O’Keeffe and she was a big influence.

Dimensions:4′ x 3’x 2′
Materials:Bedford Limestone
Location:Josephine Sculpture Park
Frankfort, KY

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Deb Vandenbroucke

Deb Vandenbroucke

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